Three Guests to the Acreage Have a Message for Me

A trio of turkey vultures have moved into the trees on the acreage, which is not unusual. At different times during the year I have hawks, owls, and vultures. The birds seems to change with the seasons.

Turkey vulture
Turkey Vulture, by Tim Sackton via used under CC BY-SA 2.0/ Lightened from original

But this trio, who are fairly young juveniles, are also quite sociable. Every time I go outside to get the mail or play with the dog, the giant birds swoop down to see what I am up to. They follow me (not the dog) out the mailbox, usually at about the height of a telephone wire. Yes, quite low, and truth be told a little creepy (although that could be because I am already in the Halloween mood and have been reading Edgar Allen Poe lately).

According to Spirit Animal Totems, when a vulture crosses one’s path, it suggests the following:

Use all of your resources combined with your past experience to approach the problem from a different angle. Know that you are always free to choose your own path but be flexible while moving forward. Allow yourself to use all of your senses to navigate through this situation for your highest benefit.

I guess three vultures are really stressing the point that I need to be Flexible (with a capital F). That’s never a bad message for a writer.

Now that I think about it, I really hope they are just being curious and sociable and not scoping out a potential future meal.