Celebrate Jules Dixon’s Latest: Whips

Today we are celebrating the latest release by Jules Dixon, who writes romance full of sizzle and humor. Tell us about Whips, which is the third book in the Cherry County Cowboy series (Note to readers: The first two are Spurs and Chaps. All three are standalone books). 

Whips was definitely a step outside my comfort zone. It is darker, more suspenseful, and definitely with…um…erotica-style sex. There’s even “a wizard behind the curtain”: Silas Bramston.

Whips by Jules Dixon

Whips is the story of a Mason LaFleur, who thought he was answering an internet call to become a “real” cowboy. Ultimately, he becomes a play toy for Silas. When Mason runs away, he ends up stepping in front of Dune Wexley’s truck while Dune’s out for a Sunday drive.

Dune has his own history with Silas, who killed Dune’s father in a “hunting accident.” In the process of trying to get justice as a law enforcement officer, Dune was stripped of his badge. Since then, he’s lived a secluded life, except for the Taylor family (as in Grayson/Valerie/Dewey Taylor from Spurs/Chaps), who keep trying to include him. Inside, he appreciates this, but he’s learned that a hard exterior is better for keeping people away. Dune falls fast and hard for Mason, and after finding a connection between the sheets in a very fast and furious kind of way, he examines whether letting someone in could really be that bad.

After Mason is kidnapped by Silas and his henchmen, he is taken to an underground bunker, where Silas is also holding Jolene, a local hairdresser who’s known as a town-favorite sweetheart. Mason takes care of Jolene, protecting her, like Dune took care of him when he was hurt. As Mason regains his self-confidence, he takes on some of the henchmen and eventually takes on Silas himself. Meanwhile, Dune and his buddy from the State Patrol are carrying out their plan to take on Silas. Mason’s at his end of badassery when Dune shows up and saves him again.

And just a quick note for Cherry County Cowboy readers, Dewey Taylor shows up in Whips and reveals a big “eeeep” at the end about Izaac (Grayson’s love from Spurs) and where he’s at that day…let’s just say there’s gonna be a wedding soon!

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Whew! That sounds like a heck of a wild ride!!! What was your favorite part while writing Whips

When Dune gives Mason shoes. The shoes come to mean so much to Mason. It’s so innocent, but it’s a point when Dune drops a wall and we know he’s not going to turn back.


I love those kinds of meaningful connections. What’s next in the pipeline for you?

The Cowgirls of Cherry County—Red Boots. It’s the story of Kaelan and Rik, which is a story readers have been asking for. I’ll also be writing Reins, the next book (and possibly last) in the Cherry County Cowboys series while I’m vacationing in Valentine, Nebraska—the one and only inspiration for this series.

Ah, Valentine! “Small town, big adventure” truly sums the area up nicely—and it sounds like you’ve taken that to heart in the Cherry County Cowboys series.

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  1. Corrissa,
    Thanks for featuring Whips.
    Not sure how you do it, but you always seem to get spoilers and future book info out of me. Like those upcoming nuptials. It’s not going to be a cut and dry as Izaac seems to think when it come to putting a ring on Grayson’s finger in the upcoming holiday novella HITCHED and Matt (CHAPS and WHIPS) and the new sheriff, Dune (WHIPS) might not always see eye to eye in REINS.
    See! I’ve done it again! Well, I bettered go before my size 7 foot takes up permanent residence in my mouth.
    Thanks again, and as always–
    Save a horse, READ a cowboy!
    <3 Jules

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