Book Three: Done!

Howdy! Thought I’d jump in here real quick to let you know that Book 3 in the Great Plains romance series is…finished! Yes, I got it done today, although I am going to need to do some pretty good editing of it before I send it out to my Passion Posse. But the first draft is done, and it’s about 80 pages long. 

The story focuses on Susannah (whom we met in Book 2) and her childhood crush, Sheriff Tate Trudell, who was her oldest brother’s best friend growing up. Unfortunately the boys had a falling out right when, as Susannah puts it, she was just starting to get all the curves that boys noticed, and Tate left town. So imagine her shock when the sheriff who is on the scene when she saves her neighbors from an angry ex is none other than Tate—and yes, all the “crushy” feelings are still there, but magnified by about a billion.

I’m so excited to get this story out to you! But for now, I am going to go collapse in a heap of exhaustion because I still have one more day of intense writing tomorrow…