Gimme all the Books #Giveaway


Do you want the chance to win some wonderful books from incredibly talented authors? We’re talking actual books here, ones you can hold in your hands and and inhale that “just printed” smell as you read them, books that will line your bookshelves beautifully and ensure that you can enjoy an excellent story (or 20!!) for weeks and months to come.

Jane Harvey-Berrick                    Cassie Leigh                         Bibi Paterson
E.S. Carter                                      Zeia Jameson                       Loriana Cappello
Donna Alam                                    K. A. Sterritt                         Yessi Smith
K. J. Farnham                                 Anne Conley                        C. A. Ellis
K. D. Kimberly Carrillo                Roisin Black                          Calista Smith
Paige Peacock Horne                   Morgan Reeves                   Corrissa James (me!)
Melissa Christopherson               Megan Green

Here’s the link to take part:

And don’t forget: Refer a friend for double entry!

The winner will be chosen by random, and each author will send them a signed paperback.